Facilities  |  Marwari Commercial High School & Junior College Mumbai

Co-Operative Bank:

Apna Kosh which was established in 1970 for the benefits of needy members of our school staff who can easily take loan at the time of their need.

Student’s Welfare Committee:

It works for benefit of the students. It provides notebooks textbooks, uniforms and others essential requirements related to education.

Teachers & Staff Welfare Funds:

This is in accordance with the medical benefit and fund needed for the staff of the school at the time of crisis.


There is canteen facility on the ground floor of the school. Canteen provides fresh, tasty and nutritious foods in hygienic condition at reasonable price.

Book Bank Scheme:

Under this scheme the students who has promoted to higher standard willingly give their book for the economically backward student free of cost.

Elevator (Lift):

School has latest elevator technology for school guest authorities’ teachers and handicap students.

Educational Excursion:

To increase concentration and knowledge among students every year educational excursion is arranged to various historical & geographical places of importance.

Air Conditioned Hall:

There is A.C. Hall on 3rd floor which is name as Shri Kashinath Ji Gadia Hall. This is one of rarest hall in entire C/D ward.

Science Department:

Our school is well equipped with science lab. Students perform science experiments during practical periods under the table guidance of science teachers. Our school has also won inspired award competition organized by central govt. which is one of the state govt. competitions.